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Learning Love and Loss

When She Loved Me <<—(click on this link to hear the song. ) Today is a bittersweet day. I received one of the greatest gifts of my life 29 years ago today. I celebrate the birth of one of my children every January third. She’s brought joy into my life, like children do, and like only […]

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I Just Called to Say I Love You

Few things in life cause a person to contemplate their own mortality more than the death of someone they’re close to. My friend, Kathy, was only ten years old when her parents were killed in a drunk driving accident. Needless to say, death sort of hardwired itself into her head at such an early age. […]

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Sudden or Slow?

“Don’t you think it’s much harder to have someone die suddenly than to have them die slowly?” A room full of ten women recently heard that question. The one asking is dying slowly. It’s a process that’s being going on for the past four and half years. The one she was asking lost her husband unexpectedly […]

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Riding the Killer Waves

In her book “The Year of Pleasures” Elizabeth Berg writes of a woman who loses her husband to cancer. The book focuses mainly on her life after his death. She touches tentatively on the time after his diagnosis, their brief months shared before she became a widow. This quote summed it up for me: “It […]

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Laughing at Death

I became best friends with someone on Death’s fast track. That was not my plan.  I had simply volunteered to do some driving.  My schedule was “whateva” and her schedule was whatever the Mayo Clinic said it was. Boy, can I just tell you I was nervous that first day I drove.  I’d never been […]

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Trying to Count Blessings in a World of Hurt

It’s Gratituesday. Today I’m thankful for the chance to drive my friend Kathy to her appointments at the Mayo Hospital and Mayo Clinic. There’s a mixed bag of blessings. I’m grateful that I have a very flexible job and a generous boss who allows me time off to help Kathy out. I’m grateful that two […]

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