It’s Another Gratituesday! Six Reasons I’m the Richest Person I Know

It’s Gratituesday! October 16  –  Today I find myself unable to focus on just one single thing I’m grateful for.  My cup runs over with gratitude. Today I am more aware and appreciative of:

  • The freedom I have to speak my mind without reprisal or fear. I know this is a relatively rare thing in the world at large.  Sometimes it’s a rare thing even here in the US.  Repression rears its ugly head in private homes, too.
  • My education; knowing how to read, write, figure out math, understand scientific concepts, grasp difficult ideas, think and reason.
  • Employment; the job I currently have allows me incredible flexibility and freedom.  I’m treated well, better than I deserve and I feel loved appreciated. How many people do you know that can say that about a job?  How many people do you know wish they had a job of any kind?
  • Having two parents who have always been supportive, loving, caring, kind and generous.
  • Extended family fanning out in many directions, and in just as many flavors.  Good times!
  • An abundant life filled with opportunity, friends, health, experiences, fun, challenge, growth and variety.

I’m amazed as I think about the richness of my life.

It’s a good day for reflection.  There is so much that’s good in the world.  So many things that can bring happiness to mind.

I hope if you were to list some of your blessings, some of  your “happies” you’d find yourself feeling equally blessed.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Another Gratituesday! Six Reasons I’m the Richest Person I Know

  1. Kathy

    All of your happies resonate with me. You’re so eloquent at expressing it. Thanks for putting my feelings to words. Oh and out of curiosity what flavor might I be? Fruity? Satisfying? Rich? Comforting? Unusual?


  2. Kathy

    And how do you say so much in so few words?


    • I’ve always been a listener, not much of a talker. I would formulate answers in my head, short concise ones cuz it’s not always easy to get a word in edgewise.


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