Gratituesday Thoughts From a Dreamer of Words

It’s Gratituesday!

Today I am thankful for those who have encouraged me in the pursuit of one of my dreams.

Surely to most people I am just that, a dreamer.  I appear to be one of those individuals that imagine a utopia but have little means to bring it to pass, or a daydreamer whose thoughts find little substance, or an idealist with no real grasp of the limitations of this life. Some see my pursuit as a nice hobby, like knitting or needlepoint, but this pursuit is much more than that.

Writing Apparatus

Writing Apparatus (Photo credit: Kazarelth)

Luckily for me, there are those who believe in my dreams, who share my idyllic views, who see potential in imagination and creativity.  You see, I belong to a writer’s group.  To the uninitiated, that is akin to saying I belong to a coven of witches or a to a society convinced the world is flat.  But no, I’ve found this group of generous, well-grounded women more stalwart than any paid advocate could ever be.

They have emboldened me, told me they won’t give up on me, expressed concern that I might give up on myself, have listened with kindness, been patient with my varying schedule and shared their own carefully crafted works of art and heart.  Together we’ve found beauty amidst ashes and hope and immense joy in our medium of words.

There are many others who have encouraged me in my writing. Several professors saw potential and kindly shared their positive critiques.  MSH has been like a cheerleader in spite of the time my obsession has commandeered.  Friends and family express interest, ask about progress, share praise.  I feel lucky in that supportive framework in more ways than I can count.  I know that not everyone who pursues a dream has such encouragement.

I am a writer. As I find words to match thoughts and search for meaning among chaos, I feel blessed and buoyed by many. For that, today and everyday, I am grateful.

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5 thoughts on “Gratituesday Thoughts From a Dreamer of Words

  1. Hey I love your way with words and wil RSS you as I want to read more.


  2. Nice post. Good feedback is hard to get. Speaking from my own experience, it’s useless asking children or a partner what they think. They thinkeverything I write is just fabulous. A writer’s group is the way to go.


    • That’s for sure! We’ve been together almost four years and seem to have a pretty good support system going. Thanks for reading my little blog.


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