Take a Walk With Me

The most luxurious thing I can think of to do today would be to have a whole day to myself.  I’d go for a long morning walk.  I’d clean the house.  I’d sit with a hardbound book and immerse myself in its pages, emerging hours later dripping with the story, washed new by the author’s words.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any of those things.

Must be time to give in, if I’m fantasizing about them.

It’s not likely I’ll have a day to myself, not with everyone’s schedule around here.  But the long walk, I could manage that.  Early mornings have a chill to them, but I could bundle up, layer on a few sweaters, put on some gloves, wrap a scarf and throw on a hat, if I can find one.  Then off I’d go to my favorite retreat.

Our little “town” had the foresight a few years back to create some open spaces.  The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is one of these places.  The large windowed library nestles into one corner of its 110 acres, with a cement skirted duck pond and sidewalk.  Perfect for parents with strollers and tots, or people with wheelchairs,walkers or canes, it serves as a buffer zone of the “wilder” parts of the park. It’s nicely lit in the evening if a couple feels inclined to walk and talk. There’s always an urban fisherman or two there, almost any time of the day or year. They even added an observatory a few years ago.

My favorite area there is away from the concrete and crowds.   Further in, nestled among trees and all sorts of green growing things, is meandering paths that skirt seven different ponds.  The developers designed the entire area to refill and recharge the city  acquifer.  As reclaimed water is pumped into the ponds it filters into the ground and recycles.  It’s a pretty smart idea.

The bonus is that the area has become a haven for birds of all kinds. Herons, hummingbirds, geese, lovebirds, terns, owls, hawks, ducks are just a few of the over 150 species found there.  As a result, photographers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers also frequent the area.

Wandering the trails a person could walk almost four and a half miles. In years past I’ve spent considerable time there and become a little possessive of the area.  There was a group of seven geese that I chatted with daily, even if they were a bit grouchy with me. I’ve lost touch with them and miss that daily interaction.

I feel lucky to have such a haven in the desert. A walk there fills and recharges my own waning resources. Enough of this writing thing. I’m going for a walk.  I’ll see ya later.

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3 thoughts on “Take a Walk With Me

  1. Mom

    We also have enjoyed the reparian and it is. special place! Thanks Kami, for all the info u wrote so beautifully about!!!


  2. Leanne

    Aww, I miss the Riparian! I need to go walk there sometime I’m down there. Anilee would love it!


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