The Seventh Sense

I watched “The Jetsons” on a black and white television when I was growing up. Sure, there was color TV by then but we stuck with the black and white version for a while. All that amazing automated stuff seemed like science fiction and fantasy and silliness.

Today I lived a little piece of the Jetsons. I video chatted with my Mom through Facebook. She was with one of my sisters and my technosmart “little” brother who set it up for us. A few easy steps and bam, there was Mom live and in real-time on my computer screen.

Talking with her, seeing her search for words but NOT get frustrated about it, did me a world of good. She has the same smile and the same ability to laugh at herself and the situation. Suddenly everything was okay in the world again. Mom is still Mom, just needing to “learn some new tricks,” as Dad calls it.

Ah, how could I not be an optimistic person with such great parents. They have rolled with the punches so many times in life and yet they smile, they move forward, they keep on keeping on.

The five senses help us move through everyday life. The sixth sense, I don’t know much about. The seventh sense, a sense of humor, is critical to making it through life without becoming bitter and hardened.

Life is rarely all or nothing in the happiness or sadness area. There’s usually some surprising bits of goodness in the most difficult of situations. And happiness is often gilded with a tinge of blue, some loss or hurt or regret.

“Don’t wish me happiness

I don’t expect to be happy all the time…

It’s gotten beyond that somehow.

Wish me courage and strength and a sense of humor.

I will need them all.” — Anne Morrow Lindbergh

This is as real as I know.

Maintaining that sense of humor is often all that gets me through a tough stretch. I can see now that I got that from my Mom.

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One thought on “The Seventh Sense

  1. Nyla

    Mom laughed a lot yesterday mostly because she sometimes has her own language. She and her youngest great-grandchild could probably carry on a great conversation together!


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