Words, Glorious Words!

Tumbling through the internet I fell across a list of words that lit up the room with their possibilities. I am all about having just the right word to say exactly what I’m thinking.

Half the time the tip of my tongue and my brain lose their connection and I am lost, speechless and even worse, wordless. Like that feeling of something just slightly out of grasp. Or the puzzle piece almost sliding into place. Or dreams you don’t get to quite get to the end of. That’s me when the right word eludes me.

So a list of new or semi-familiar words lights up my world and sends “gimme” fingers reaching. I want, I want, I want.

A new book, waiting for discovery can have the same effect. Delicious!

I decided I should share. That’s the kind and thoughtful thing to do with something you really, really covet. A box of chocolates I would share, too, if that were possible to do through the internet, and if I had any, which I don’t. Sadly.

But I have words!! Consider these words as my creamy, chewy, nutty box of chocolates I’m sharing with you. Yummy!!

English: A Swedish box of chocolates called &q...

Querulous: cranky, whining, cross, crabby, moody.

Not what I thought querulous meant. I could probably get away with calling someone querulous. Not so if I accused them of being crabby. My favorite two-year old has been querulous this week, but then, she’s had a runny nose and a cough, so who can blame her?

Dilatory: causing delay, tardy, slow, unhurried.

Odd, but this word also applies to my favorite two-year old as well. Little kids aren’t generally in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything. Dilatory applies equally to teens, unless it’s something they want to do, then the adult providing the ride can’t move fast enough. MSH leans toward the dilatory, mostly because he’s meticulous and detailed. I’ve had to learn to go with the flow on that one. Some things just don’t ever change.

Nefarious: wicked, evil, vile, despicable.

Never in my wildest dreams would I consider a two-year old as nefarious. Their particular brand of driving people nuts stems from purely innocent, albeit selfish, motivations. Unlike some businessmen or politicians, who could very rightly be considered nefarious for their actions and words which deceive and manipulate and harm. I’m afraid the word nefarious may crop up more often in many more vocabularies than just mine.

Don’t confuse the word nefarious with Dr. Nafario from “Despicable Me” who seems to have a difficult time following directions. Maybe he’s slightly hard of hearing. Either way, both maladies could be rendered moot with a more varied vocabulary.

Friable: brittle, easily crumbled.

See, I thought friable was what I am in the desert. I feel fried, I also feel brittle, but apparently that’s not at all what it means. I also feel fried after spending too much time with a querulous and dilatory two-year old. Friable has more to do with the state of your garden soil. Ideally the soil will be crumbly and fluffy and break into small pieces easily. That is surely not the state my garden soil is in after six months of desert summer heat. And it’s supposedly our planting season about now. Not sure it’s gonna happen since we’re still hitting 105 during the day. To summarize: I’m fried, my soil is not friable.

photo-17 copy 5Cerulean: sky blue.

Ah, my favorite color. Of course, the blue of the sky varies throughout the day and with the level of dust and such in the air. And there are days I’d give anything for a sky full of black ominous rain clouds.  But cerulean even sounds relaxing and gentle, doesn’t it? As in, I’m going to go lay in a hammock and enjoy the cerulean flavor of the cool afternoon breeze. Can you tell I’m ready for the heat to end? I am. If it doesn’t end soon I may turn into the querulous person ranting and raving about the silly weather.

Had enough vocabulary words for the day?

Me too.

I’m going to go pour myself a nice icy glass of something and let the air conditioner waft over my overheated brain.

Happy Saturdaying!

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