A Challenge Followed by a Challenge

The oddest thing just happened to me here.

I responded to this writing challenge from WordPress by writing about how and why I’m a writer.

I wrote for an hour, then two hours, a beautiful essay that summed up so many disparate but connected parts of my life. The timing of this challenge synced perfectly with a need I had to remind myself why writing tops my daily list of things to do.

I felt energized and excited about writing again.

I saved the draft, then left the room to take a couple of photos to include in the post. (See the above photos? Aren’t they nice?)

When I returned to my computer what I had written had disappeared. Poof. Into thin air. Not on some computer cloud on the ethernet, or internet or web or wherever. Just gone.


This magical thing I’d created didn’t exist any more.

Sure I could attempt to recreate it. But all creativity and originality aside, the wind had been taken from my sails. (Yes, it’s a cliche’, deal with it.)

But the words, I just can’t summon them again today.

Silly, I know.

I’ll write again. That is what I do.



I am a writer.


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21 thoughts on “A Challenge Followed by a Challenge

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  3. Inspiring! I remember in high school that always happened to me. My best work would disappear, until I almost expected it to happen. Birth, death, rebirth. Writing, disappearance, writing again. It’s all the same cycle for a writer!


    • Such internet evil seldom happens since I switched to my MacBook Pro. I must have accidentally pushed the wrong button, delete instead of save. I’ll definitely pay better attention to my saving skills. Maybe write my original in a Word document first, then copy/paste.


  4. Nice post, I love the picture of the pencils.


  5. You should have read the original. It was great. Oh well. Sigh…


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  7. Kent Mitchell

    Awww – the Apple syndrome! πŸ˜€


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