Enough and More

It’s Gratituesday! Today I’m grateful for what is enough and beyond. More than enough. I feel decadent in my joy and can hardly contain it.

Today I’m thankful for sister-in-law who stayed overnight at the hospital with my Mom so that Dad and my siblings could get some rest.

Today I’m grateful for a pediatric receptionist who went three extra miles or more to quickly schedule tests for a sick infant.

Today I’m grateful for a cousin who took time from a very busy weekend and drove two hours so we could spend time together.

Today I’m thankful for instant messaging that keeps me updated about my Mom’s condition almost constantly. Add in gratitude for two hospitals and multiple doctors who are communicating with each other to do their best for her, which sounds to me like something miraculous in this day of extremely complicated healthcare.

Today I’m thankful that I’ve been blessed to spend a week with my new granddaughter, getting to know her, snuggling her, seeing her thrive and smile. I’m feeling joy beyond imagining. And with that came uninterrupted time with my oldest daughter for long chats, silences, shared amazement and contentment.

Today I’m thankful for a son-in-law who cares for my daughter and new granddaughter with generosity and love.

Today I’m grateful for two other sons-in-law who love deeply and sweetly my other two daughters and two of my other grand babies.

Today I feel blessed and grateful for an extra daughter, the one who married my son and has put a smile on his face that hasn’t stopped since they said “yes” a year ago.

Today I’m thankful for an older granddaughter who shared the eclipse with me last week via texting from miles apart, as we both looked up at the majesty of a blood moon. I felt tied sweetly to her with bonds of family that no one can take away.

Today I’m thankful for a warm Colorado day, where if I could, I’d climb “the mountain” which is what they call Pikes Peak. I’d lay a commemorative rock somewhere safe and sacred and call it my ‘Ebenezer’, my ‘stone of help’ for it’s been a week of blessings raining down in spite of a few scary moments and some ongoing worries.

Life is good!  If I ever doubt it I need only look at this past week and remember.

The Mountain

The Mountain

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2 thoughts on “Enough and More

  1. Leanne

    I love this!!!! Brought tears to my eyes. You are missed here, but I’m so glad you can be up there!


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