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The People Who Stand By You

It’s Gratituesday! Today I’m thankful for the family I grew up with. What a wild bunch Mom and Dad had on their hands. What a crew we still make!

photo-18 copy 22We don’t often all get together since a few of us scattered with the wind a couple of decades ago. In fact, when the batch that live near Mom and Dad get together and post the inevitable Facebook photos or videos I admit I feel a bit jealous. Those days I wish for Star Trek abilities of teleportation. “Beam me up, Scotty,“ I wanna yell. Scottie was the name of our first dog, who long ago left for wider and wilder playgrounds, so it seems a pretty reasonable request.

But this week will not be one of those wishing days.

Thursday will be one of those rare days that we’re all together for a few fleeting hours before schedules, and jobs and planes and children and a million other commitments scatter us again.

Seven Siblings and Dad and Mom. Solid. Bound up in a crazy mess that is us. We don’t come close to perfect. Are you kidding? Four sisters, three brothers, and two parents who, not so surprisingly, happen to be very human.

Ages ago, when my big brother and I hit the teenage fan and all crap let loose, a set of twins and a sister were caught in the crossfire, followed not so closely by the two babies in the family, a girl and a boy. How Mom and Dad kept their sanity I know not.

I can guess.



And Love Anyway.

They didn’t believe in giving up. Thank heavens. And we don’t either.

So, today I want to thank Kent, Kathy, Nyles, Nyla, Kelly, Becky, and Mitch and JoRae.

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum: Gift ...

Original model of the Enterprise from the 1960s’s “Star Trek” TV series (Photo credit: Chris Devers)

Thank you for being tangled up in my DNA and my mental pros and cons. Thank you for loyalty and faith and laughter and realness. Thanks for the family I needed then and that I love now.

May you all “live long and prosper!”

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