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Construction Phase Complete. Wildflowers Run Amok!

It’s happened.  My wildflowers bloomed!

It makes me smile to look out and see sunshine growing right outside my front door.

Right now it’s happy African Daisies.  Bursts of yellow and orange wash across the front yard.  A few more weeks will bring the soft velvety orange of California Poppies.

wildflowers springJust today I noticed the first shoots on my red yucca plants. These become beautiful sprays of stems filled with succulent reddish-orange flowers. Once these bloom Hummingbirds hang out near them like kids near candy shops.

There’s a very small patch of low growing purple Lantana smack in the middle of this nonconforming riot of color. It’s supposed to spread out into a four or five foot swath every spring and summer, but this one’s been anemic and barely manages its bits of purple.  Maybe I need to have a daily chat with it, encourage it along, and tell it a couple of jokes.

Just to kick it up a notch

I’ve also got some pots near the front door filled with fun pops of bright annuals. And there’s a fifteen-year-old Pothos plant which was once an indoor dweller, but now lives in the shade outdoors. It could use a trim and a fresh topping of soil, but otherwise it adds a nice cool green to the mix.

On the other hand

The back yard is a work in progress. I’m grateful that a brick wall surrounds it almost six feet high.  I’ve planted my vegetable gardens but those seeds are being stubborn about sprouting. And I’ve got a decorative raised bed that’s got its own little story which I won’t go into, but I could do a whole post on. It’s a tale of woe and aggravation. You’d be bored, trust me.


Spring has sprung here in the desert. It’s a short-lived season of joy and jubilation before the blast of summer punches us full on.

I’m going to enjoy it while I can, every single day.

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