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“A Little Nonsense Now and Then”

Friday Letter to My Kids – August 8, 2014

“Time is a game played beautifully by children.” ~ Heraclitus 

Dear J, J, L and L,

Good times, good times. That’s what I mostly remember.

Oh sure, I have my regrets, quite a few, but I choose to keep those filed away in a locked cabinet somewhere to the left and south in my head. There’s not much I can do about the not so stellar moments and coulda, woulda, shouda things. I prefer to recall the fun stuff that made us laugh.

Homemade sidewalk chalk in process.

Homemade sidewalk chalk in process.

Seems like we did more than a few projects.

Remember making homemade sidewalk chalk? More vibrant than the store-bought stuff, those chunks lasted forever no matter how much you colored, drew, scraped, mixed with water and rechalked. Watching your artwork blossom on the cement as your knees and hands and clothes got covered in colored dust made me smile.

Not quite as creative, but still a grand idea, that four by eight foot white board Dad brought home and set up kept you busy for hours. Pretend school, artwork, self portraits, math homework, countless hangman games, it turned out as a smart and fairly inexpensive investment.

Photo by  Chris Barr from the valley, bat (IMAGE_359) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (]

A basic blanket fort. Photo by Chris Barr

I’ve never seen blanket forts as great as those you all constructed. Seems like I recall a huge one in the living room at the Saint Elena house. Didn’t it have several “rooms” and small hallways? I think you might have even slept in that one. And the nook at the top of the stairs seemed designed specifically for building blanket forts. I still run across a blanket or two now and then with a few holes strategically cut to fit over posts or some other “construction” idea you had as you built your hideaways.

I had a friend growing up whose brother built a tree fort that you guys would have loved. My friend Jori and I spent time up there when we could get away with it. What a perfect way for kids to spend a summer day. I feel all relaxed and young again just thinking about it.

The “sunroom” in the Oklahoma house served a similar purpose. Seems you spent time out there year round despite the fact that it got almost no sun except about an hour in the morning. That screened in room saw every kind of sport imaginable reinvented by you and your friends. The tent even got set up out there to dry off after a couple of rained out camping trips.

That whole house, with it’s strange added on section and odd closets, was a weird crazy hide and seek haven which you made full use of. Now there’s a game you never, ever tired of. Whole boring afternoons could pass in one ginormous hide and seek game. You got pretty good at squeezing into the smallest most unsuspecting spaces and staying incredibly quiet.

Pretty and yummy!

Pretty and yummy!

Rainbow Jello keeps popping into my head. An all day project that I’d never attempt on my own, one of you kept at it every half hour for five or six hours, mixing and adding each layer as the last layer set up. Tasted great and got made several more times after that, a work of love and art all in one.

One of the best birthday parties ever happened at the Saint Elena house. We filled a zillion water balloons and tossed them in the pool. It looked like confetti in there. The nine-year-old party guests had a riot. And just before getting out of the pool for cake and ice cream all the balloons got tossed at targets sidewalk chalked on the cement brick wall.

I’m sure if I thought longer I’d scrounge up more good times. Shoot me an email or a text with other fun stuff you remember. It’d be nice to compile all of them. I don’t want to forget a single memory or happy time we shared.

Thanks for the laughs and giggles. Thanks for sharing your joy with me.

I surely do love you,



photo-23 copy 5

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” ~ Roald Dahl 


“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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Nine Happinesses To Share

photo-20 copy 19

Fabric hearts sewn together in a garland for my front door. Ta da! An actual finished project!

It’s Gratituesday! Today’s thankfulness is brought to you courtesy of a quick list of things I’m thankful for.

  1. I belong to a book club that makes me think about things I don’t always consider. I should also mention I feel lucky that they’re so easy-going about my critical, not always glowing words when we discuss things.
  2. Cold weather and I don’t get along well. I’m blessed to live where the winter is mild and reasonable.
  3. I’ve had lots of time in the past two weeks of influenza fog to do some big time reading. So I guess there’s a plus side to being sick.
  4. I finished a craft project I started a year ago. Nothing fancy or complicated. But I finished it. I’m not normally a finisher, so I feel pretty dang successful and proud of that little project.
  5. I missed January’s vegetable planting window, but I still have a February garden waiting to start.
  6. My wildflowers out front bust out more every day, making a green, yellow and orange carpet of my rocky front yard. Add in the brimming flower pots at the front door and I feel welcomed home with open arms.
  7. A good sized “to-read” stack of books beckons me with undiscovered adventure, wisdom and laughter.
  8. A vacancy opened up recently on my writing desk, just roomy enough for my little family of journals, notebooks and a laptop computer.
  9. I think there’s music fluttering about that I’m not hearing, so I’m turning up the volume on my potential-good-stuff-in-my-life-meter. I’ll fine tune a few things and hopefully, soon, I’ll catch a melody breezing about and let it in.

I’m sure there’s more, but midnight’s closing in fast and GratiWednesday just sounds dorky.  I wanted to make sure I acknowledged the happiness in my life today, and every Tuesday.

Feeling blessed.

And sleepy.

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