Give In? Give Out? Give Up?

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My Journey To “No, No, No, Not I!”

Elizabeth Willis Barrett

I jump on my bike early in the morning to beat the sun and the school kids who pointed at a friend of mine not too long ago with the exclamation, “Look at that old lady on a bike!”  Since I am at least twelve years older than that “old lady,” I am eager to be on my way and back before any school kids point at me.

Old lady.  I genuinely dislike that term.  My son-in-law used it regarding an associate who is at least three years younger than I am.

“She is not an old lady!” I protest. But in his eyes and those of many others, she’s an old lady and so am I.

“I don’t want to be old,” I think as I ride along the canal. Aging has captured my mind excessively lately.

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One thought on “Give In? Give Out? Give Up?

  1. Wow, Kami, thanks! You are really helping me get this blogging done. I could never post every day but I am making a great attempt to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Thanks for being a great friend and fellow writer!


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