A Life in Three Parts

A diagram showing layers within the Earth's ma...

A diagram showing layers within the Earth’s mantle and core (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peel back the layers.

A crust of clothing disguises.

A mantle of skin, muscle, and bone

Houses and protects.

A core of Spirit,



Refined matter,

The Life-giving center,

Lasts somewhere,



This post was written as a Trifecta challenge response.  Please check out their site and see what great stuff they’re generating from writers.

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11 thoughts on “A Life in Three Parts

  1. I love “lasts somewhere forever”. I feel that deep inside. Beautiful.


  2. the life giving center . . . what a beautiful way to describe a soul. 🙂


  3. Draug419

    “lasts somewhere forever” is my favorite. A lovely piece.


  4. Beautiful words.


  5. I love this…from clothing disguises, to our bodies as the mantle, to our core, you describe the soul beautifully.


  6. I like the idea that there is something timeless and lasting within each of us (be it a soul or whatever you might call it).


  7. “A core of Spirit,essence,soul…refined matter”-wow!loved the feeling conveyed of the core being eternal”:-)


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