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Ah, one of the great mysterious questions.


It seems one of the first questions children ask.  And ask, and ask, and ask.

The other question children pose is “What’s that?”

“Where,” “who” and “when” come later in life.  Those must be concepts that require different developmental milestones.

“Why” and “What’s that” continue to be questions throughout childhood and especially into teen years.

As an adult “Why” and “What’s that” are preeminent. They actually constitute the bulk of our thinking, our decision-making, our emotional equilibrium or lack thereof, our spirituality, our love life, our family dynamics.

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Of course in the grown up world the questions come out a little differently.

“Why me?”

“What the heck?”

Those are just two iterations of the same sentiment.

Then there is “Why is this happening this way, and why now?”

There’s the precarious “Why not?” which carries the possibility of putting someone over the edge either direction; into extreme behavior, or into action one has put off far too long.

Asking “why” about others will only bring you grief and confusion and heartache.  Usually.  However, if the answers you get are true and clear and open, it might lead to understanding, but that is a rare and tenuous thing.

“What’s this and what am I going to do about it” are a healthy combination to ask together.  Logic is trying to take the lead in a question like this.

How often does logic really win out in our lives though?

Probably not often enough.

Hmmm. I wonder why.

I’m back to asking “why” again, about so many things. I hate when I get this way. I prefer my less ascerbic self, my optimistic self, my non-sarcastic self. “Why” seems to bring out the worst in me.

Maybe the best answer should always be, “just because,” or “because I said so.”

Question mark

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But why? I’ll usually ask.

Why me?

Why now?

Why this?




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