That’s the Power of Love (#1)

I was helping a friend out recently.  For her it was a major event, something that required a ton of elbow grease or buckets of money. The money wasn’t so much there, so the man hours kicked in big time. Word went out that she needed some help and there it was. The Power of Love!

I might add she was grateful to tears for all the help, in its various manifestations.

“You don’t need money, don’t take fame

Don’t need no credit card to ride this train.” 

–Huey Lewis and the News

The collective power of a few or many doing some work is an awe-inspiring thing to see in action.

Red Barn

Red Barn (Photo credit: Kathleen Cavalaro)

Reminds me of a barn raising. One small farmer and his family trying to get a barn built would take a season or more. But bring in the entire community, men and sons wielding saws and hammers, lifting framework, hefting beams, literally raising the roof and the thing gets built in a day. Add in the support network of children carrying water and supplies, women bringing and preparing food and there’s even time for a dance at the end of the day.

The resulting barn is the goal, but the real outcome t is a community strengthened and empowered by a common goal, by working together, by sharing. That, my friend, is the real power of love.

I know we don’t do barn raising any more, at least not around here, but there are myriad chances for sharing, working together and accomplishing a common goal.

“The power of love is a curious thing

Make a one man weep, make another man sing

Change a hawk to a little white dove

More than a feeling that’s the power of love”

The person being helped is not the only one who benefits in this equation. Not hardly!

Change happens

Volunteering to help someone out can change you. The process of giving up some of your time, offering some of your skill, or using your hands in the service of someone else creates something new in you. I know it does in me.

Of course, you have to pay attention to what season in life you’re at. Maybe your offering of love is smaller and requires less time than someone else’s offering. The important part isn’t what’s given, but why it’s given.

Your sharing may not be seen by anyone, including the one you’re sharing with. That’s okay. You’re really the only one who needs to know what gift you’ve given or how you’ve helped.

Need ideas for how you can be a mini-volunteer on your crazy, busy schedule? Here’s a tiny list.

Pray for someone.

Write a note of encouragement.

Leave an apple or a candy bar on a co-worker’s desk.

Do an unexpected chore or errand.

Send a happy quote by text.

Share a hug or pat someone on the shoulder.

Give a compliment.

Got a little more time to spare? Here’s a few more ideas:

Bake some cookies for someone who’s could use a lift.

Donate blood.

Sign up to help with a small project.

Help serve dinner at a homeless shelter.

Donate a bag or box of canned goods to a food pantry.

Do you have a full day a week  or once a month to help out?

Google “Volunteer followed by  your town or city “and stand back.

I googled “Volunteer Phoenix” and found docents, tutors, camp counselors, parks and rec needs, animal rescue, AmeriCorp, music therapy, pet therapy, educational outreach, literacy outreach, and that was just the first couple of hits.

There are always opportunities to help out. Sign up!

Say yes! Just one time, let the power of love take hold and see what happens.

“But you know what to do

When it gets hold of you

And with a little help from above

You feel the power of love

You feel the power of love

Can you feel it ?”

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