Neon Purple Pansies Brighten a Bare Spot

Astounded at the depth of color with that little burst of sunshine in the center, I snapped this photo of some Pansies in my garden. There’s some slight variation in the purples, almost neon in some, bluer in a few others.

purple pansies

Nature always manages to surprise and delight me.

Lately I’ve watched as the seeds I planted a week ago push through the ground, transformed into minuscule green leaves. Amazing! I understand it, but I don’t.

I’m also never sure why some spots I plant turn green and flourish, while others remain a blank landscape of soil. That’s a mystery, too.

Pansies appear just as temperamental as seeds. Not four feet away from these beautifully abundant blooms, struggles a similar Pansy plant, barely managing to put out a couple of pale blooms, the foliage equally pale. Why is one thriving and the other just hanging on? Both plants are in the same bed, same soil, same watering schedule, same sunlight. I’m clueless.

I find it fascinating to see children from the same family, like these plants, respond to the same conditions with completely different results. So too, can people respond to troubles and challenges that seem the same, with vastly different results. Every seed, every person, every situation, varies in subtle ways. Combine those tiny variances and the resulting differences can become huge.

That’s what makes a garden so delightful; the different shades of colors, heights, hues, patterns, textures, not just between species but within the same plant family. Those combinations can complement and play off one another in a spectacular way.

Gardens and people, two of my favorite unpredictables in life. Never sure of what’s going to pop up next. Always some nurturing required and some love given back in return. Anticipation and hope in every single day.

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