Strange Happenings at the Airport and Other Places


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I thought I saw myself at the airport the other day.


I looked across a row of cars and there I stood next to some guy I’d never seen before. The other me was obviously dropping someone off at the airport, just like I was.

I did that double-take thing we all do when something surprises us. Then I looked away, shook my head and focused on MSH who was getting his bag and backpack situated.

But in the back of my head all these neurons are firing off “what the heck!” signals and telling my neck to turn so I could look over at the other me again. But I was resisting the neuron-ics in my brain and instead reached over to give my sweetie a hug that would need to last for a couple of weeks.

As I did he took a step back and sideways to settle the backpack better on his back and caught me off guard. I ended facing him but with my body aimed over at the nice SUV with the better-looking, thinner me and her completely unlike my husband companion.

She was looking back at me.

She was probably thinking, “Ugh, I hope I don’t look like that in ten years.” Or more likely, “Why does that woman keep staring at me and my hot husband?”

Or I imagined it.

Again, I pushed the nagging weirdness vibes out of my head and focused on my own soon departing companion.

We needed a good, solid kiss to get us through the upcoming absence. But he’s doesn’t go in for PDA. (Public Displays of Affection.) So I ended up with a short little meh kiss.


I said to him, again ignoring the look-alike who might or might not have been looking my way, “Airports are designed for public displays of affection. Give me a decent kiss that’s gonna last a day or two.”

And he did.

So much so that I forgot about the other me. Mmm.

And then he was gone and so was the phantom, younger me.


Doppelganger. That’s the word for what happened.

1. an apparition or double of a living person.
Origin: German Doppelgänger, from doppel- double + -gänger goer
I didn’t feel particularly haunted. Just weirded out. A little. Or more than a little, maybe.
I saw myself another time walking down the sidewalk, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Couldn’t get that one out of my head for weeks. Definitely haunting then.
Do you really think there are other me-people out there, living other me-like but different lives? It’s an unsettling thought.
Or maybe it’s just the gene pool. With a few trillion of us on the planet there’s bound to be some duplication occasionally. We can’t all be unique like snowflakes, can we? At least, looks wise.
I have no idea.

Twins? (Photo credit: aquababe)

I do know that how I think I look and the me I see in a mirror, particularly when I’m not expecting a mirror image, doesn’t add up. I’m surprised to see that’s what I look like. So maybe what I’m seeing when I see another ME is the idealized me, not a copy or double of me.

Did that make any sense?
I’ve been told I have a very, very familiar face. I’m often mistaken for someone’s aunt, grandma, mother, sister, cousin, neighbor, friend or teacher. I’ve lost track of how many times people have asked me if my name is X or Y or Z and I have to convince them that I’ve never been to Norway or Galveston or Upstate New York.
Maybe I’m the doppelgänger! Eesh! There’s a scary thought.
Now I feel haunted.
I wonder what would happen if I tried talking to me if this ever happened again. What would I saw to myself? Would I think I was crazy? Would I/she rush to get a security guard or a police officer? Would they cart me away?
Has this ever happened to you? I’d love to hear about it.
Or am I just strange?
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7 thoughts on “Strange Happenings at the Airport and Other Places

  1. When I was young, I attended Eastern AZ College. I served as the choir president, student body vice-president & LDSSA council so I was pretty well known around campus. I had a doppelgänger my last year there. Her name was Melissa and she was a Sweet girl. I had the same double- and triple-take experience as you when I saw her. Its too bad not many people really got to know her, though, because she was shy. She merely became known as, “the girl that looks like Janell.” :-/


    • That’s cool that you knew who she was. No relation at all that you knew of? Just weird coincidence that you looked alike?


      • Yep! Total coincidence. No relation that we could figure. I wish, now, that I’d have taken a photo of us together. 🙂


      • Dang. That would have been perfect. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next time it happens. Get out my trusty phone/camera and zoom in and document my double.


  2. I met my doppelganger. She was the new girlfriend of a friend. It was a little disorienting but I soon realised that looks aside, she was nothing like me. We’d been raised differently and had different personalities and values. I settled down after that. You’re just going to have to wonder about your airport doppelganger. But then, would she have recognised the more evolved you even if you’d approached her? After all, she had your past self to go on.


    • More evolved? haha, that’s generous of you. Not so sure I’d want to talk to mine, either one. But I suppose it would take the mystery out of it all, which could be a good thing.


  3. Fun story! People always think I look like other people as well.


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