The Particular Sweetness of This Corn on the Cob

It’s Gratituesday! Today I’m thankful for the kindness in people.

I’ve been aware of this story for a few years. My parents, who live in farming country, have a neighbor they’ve told me about. Often when I visit I’ve seen the evidence and heard the tale. This year I got the chance to meet the man. Smiling and glowing with good will, he seemed like someone you’d be honored to have as a neighbor. A solid, kindhearted soul.

Yes, Virginia there are still good, generous folks in the world.20130903-012409.jpg

Exhibit A: a corn field with a sign which identifies said corn.


Exhibit B: a different sign next to the corn field, hand written.


Exhibit C: close up view of the handwritten sign reads

“Sweet Corn – you pick – $3.00 dozen  – put $ in box – Thank you”

Look closer at the bottom of the sign, attached to the fence. That’s a green metal box with a slit cut it in, attached to the fence rail, for people to put their money in when they pay for the corn they pick.

You’re thinking this guy gets ripped off a bunch. Maybe. Maybe not. He lives close by the field and has a clear view of it all. Sometimes people pay. Sometimes they don’t. For the ones who don’t he says he figures they must really need it. He doesn’t begrudge them the corn or the money.

He’s watched people he knows, it’s a small town, fill a van front to back with the corn they picked and drive off without putting dime nor dollar in the cash box. He shrugs it off. He might know their story, well off or not, but it doesn’t matter. He’ll greet them the same next time he sees them, with a smile and a handshake.

Is this guy rich? Only in goodwill and generosity and kindness. The way most people in the world judge things he’s losing big time. In the ways that really count, he’s rich beyond counting.

Every year it’s the same way. His corn is for sale on the honor system.

Looks to me like he’s the one who is honorable.


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