I don’t have much experience with dogs. Except for a fairly traumatic experience with a beagle when I was nine or ten. But that story isn’t entertaining, enlightening or really all that interesting. It just made me not want to ever own a dog in my life.

I’ve worked with dogs. No, I’m not referencing any of my bosses, who have all been wonderful. No, really. But a couple times I worked at someone’s home and their dog or dogs became an integral part of my work day, and sometimes my non-work day.

What I’m taking far too long to say here is I have no dog stories. But I recently read one that summed up dog ownership with such grace and aplomb that I decided I needed to let you, my faithful readers in on the same story.

So here, straight from the pen of one of my dear writer’s group friends, Elizabeth Barrett, I turn you over to her able and witty words:


Buddy and Livvi

Elizabeth Willis Barrett

I do not like dogs.  The only thing they have going for them is that they are 50 times better than cats.  For some reason the word “cat” puts a shiver down my bones.  I don’t know why I wasn’t blessed with an animal loving gene.  I think when the lines were queuing in Heaven for various attributes, I stood far too long in the Music lines, constantly looking over at the Photography and Writing and Speaking lines to make sure I could eventually get into them.  There was no time to wait in the Animal Loving line before I was whisked to earth and set down in Rexburg, Idaho, during a blinding snow storm.

But Brad loves dogs and has to have one.  We’ve been through many as a family: Chisum, Beau, Alamo, Chorizo, Mariah, Ike, Jeremiah, Sammi and Bailey to name a few.  We’ve had…

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