I call my bulletin board “Irony” for good reason. Notice the word top center? I think I might have some changes to make.


My bulletin board as is, untouched, unedited, unreal.

Situational Irony: A difference between what you expect to happen and what actually happens.

I would expect my bulletin board to help me simplify and organize my life. When it actually just serves as another place for chaos to happen and apparently propagate then it becomes irony.

I’m afraid I overflow all the edges and boundaries in my life, just like all the papers, photos, notes and other crappage expands way past the edges of the cork board.

Am I going to do something about this?


Luckily no one sees this, but me. Oh, and MSH. And occasionally one of my children.

And now, you and the world.

Just keeping it real.


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3 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Ha, you made me laugh.


    • Oh, good! Love your blog name, by the way.


      • Fantastic, I always laugh when someone tries to spell it though….it’s easy to mix up. I picked it because I just have so many interests. I love animals, gardening, decorating, crafting……you can hear the song at the top of my Blog Page under ‘Naming my Blog’. Cheers


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