Pain, Panic and Denial

Tell me if you do this, or is it just me.

I wake up with some pain, attribute it to something I shouldn’t have done the day before and toss back a couple Tylenol. When the pain gets worse I try to figure out how I can keep all my commitments for the day while riding wave after wave of increasing pain. I include prayer as part of the solution.

When those prayers begin to invoke every God I’ve ever heard of from other religions that I don’t practice, I figure I might need to call a medical professional.

Actually I think this trait is a woman thing, although I know men who’ve done the same thing.

Watch this funny video as an example of what I mean and then we’ll chat more.

I’m trying to figure out why we do this to ourselves. What’s so hard about slowing down and letting ourselves admit we aren’t Superhuman?

Check out this text I got this morning. Made me laugh even though laughing hurts at the moment.


Let me just say I’m thankful for Vicodin and Advil, and for so many kind people in my life. As many have joked, “this too shall pass.” In the meantime I’m trying to avoid these two guys.


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3 thoughts on “Pain, Panic and Denial

  1. Kent Mitchell

    There are a lot of positive inspirational people out there. Many have had it much worse and do a lot more than me! Just adapt, and keep moving as best we can…!!!


  2. Kent Mitchell

    BTY – have you ever heard of Nick Vujicic?


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