Feeling Animated

With small children no longer living  in the house I don’t always get out to see the latest animated movies. It’s a shame, really, because some of the best laughs I’ve ever had happened while watching a Disney or Pixar film or a Warner Brothers cartoon.

By far one of my favorite scenes occurs in a combination animated/live action feature called “Enchanted.”

I grant you that it’s a spoof on most of Disney’s other princess movies. Setting that little detail aside, doesn’t it make you want to become an animated character?

Having a lilting voice seems to come with the territory, unless you’re one of the sidekick characters, which I’d clearly not choose, given a choice. No, the main characters have lovely singing abilities enviable by all.

How would it be to sing out a cheerful morning tune and have critters come running to do your every wish about the house. Free labor and with a cheerful attitude to boot, sounds great! Kids might be “free” labor but the cheerfulness isn’t normally included. That is, until they become adults, but that’s an entirely different story.

This miraculous ability to communicate with other species seems to come in handy as an animated character. See cleaning critters above as exhibit one. Exhibit two follows with this other favorite scene:

Imagine being able to talk and reason with insects or rodents that invade your home. “Any chance you could head over to the next door neighbors house for a while?” or “There’s a nice vacant house just a few doors down where no one would bother you.” And they’d reply in their alien language, “Sure thing! Thanks for the tip.” Then off your critter problem would go.

Animated characters don’t end up at the doctor’s office either, have you ever noticed that? They bounce back from illness and severe injury with remarkable speed and no side effects. That alone would make being animated very worthwhile. I’m thinking in particular a certain coyote from Warner Brothers.

Master of disguise, able to defy the laws of physics, mischievous without consequence, of all animated characters, quick-witted and light of foot, Bugs Bunny stands out as the best. Maybe I’m partial from years of overexposure to the little guy, but I’m thinking he deserves a lifetime achievement award.

Jessica Rabbit’s impossibly voluptuous and Cinderella ends up with her man and a castle, and even Bambi with the death of his mother still emerges triumphant in the end. I’m thinking the life of animation is the life for me.

Maybe I’ve just watched one too many cartoons, ingested one too many Vicodin and spent a bit too much time on the couch recently. It must be time to get back to real life, whatever that might hold. To-do lists, cleaning, errands, responsibilities, meals to prepare, people to see, places to go, things that require my attention. I suppose real life wins out in the end.

But I can dream, can’t I?

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Animated

  1. Leanne

    😀 Good thing Anilee’s around to help you get your dose of animation in. 😀


  2. Kent Mitchell

    Stop by our place sometime – we have, and watch, all the good animation flicks!!! “Hold up your hands Maurice! It’s more fun that way!” 😀


    • I would have never thought that of you two. Nice to know. And yes, I need to come up for a visit. Hoping to see you in a couple weeks.


  3. I think animation land would be a nice place to visit, but you’d be limited to your story. Life does win out in the end, Kami. 🙂


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