Flying High and I’m Feeling Good

English: Crop circles along the Columbia, Wash...

Crop circles along the Columbia, Washington, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Gratituesday! Today I’m thankful for air travel. What a miracle to climb aboard an airplane in a cold, rainy, or snowy place and a few hours later find yourself on terra firma with balmy skies and a warm breeze. I never get over the wonder of leaving home at six in the morning and then finding myself standing in Mom’s kitchen at lunchtime. Mom lives almost eight hundred miles away! Is that amazing or what?

I was well into my thirties before I ever flew on a commercial airplane. What a revelation! That sensation at takeoff of being pushed back into your seat as the plane propels itself fast enough to achieve flight never gets old. Every time feels just as exhilarating as the first time I experienced that singular phenomenon.

Landing, too, has its commensurate push forward on landing, but with a kind of sadness that the miracle is over.

I find both much more exciting than a roller coaster ride because at the end you’re somewhere different from when you started.

Agricultural Patchwork

Agricultural Patchwork (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)

As a young child I had the opportunity to ride in a four-seater airplane from the local airport. Up, over and around the city we lived in, I got a glimpse, a bird’s view, of the big tiny world I lived in.  Brushing what I thought was dangerously close to the mountains, my only worry. Everything down below seemed so small, which in turn, made me feel puny and small. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much more about that flight.

Agricultural quilts, in squares and rounds and triangles, never cease to entertain as I’m airborne. Experiencing the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helen’s, Lake Tahoe, mount Rainer, the Great Lakes, or the Pacific Ocean, from the perspective of thirty thousand feet brings new appreciation for those wonders.

Lake Tahoe from my window seat.

Lake Tahoe from my window seat.

Overcast skies and thick layers of clouds that block such views can disappoint. But then, breaking through and flying above the cloud formations provides entertainment better than any museum or scientific wonder.

If you’ve never had this opportunity, I really hope you get the chance to fly!

What a world we live in! What an age of convenience and luxury and speed. How blessed I feel today as I type this post sitting in a comfy seat on the plane as it’s bouncing a bit in the air turbulence and as I sip my lovely beverage and much on pretzels. The changing landscape of Arizona passes below me and I’m in awe.


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