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Crawling Between the Seasons

Here’s another selection culled from my personal book of poetry. Look here to see a previous entry.

The editor in me wants to change it, correct bits, rewrite or hide it. The blogger in me thinks this is simply who I was when I wrote it and it shouldn’t be changed. I’ll let you decide.

So, here it is, a poem about a sunset. It was written a long, long time ago, another lifetime ago.  I can still remember the sunset, feel the cool air, feel the me I was.

Wish I’d taken a photo. Maybe this poem serves as a replacement for a photograph. A snapshot of my much younger self, daring, confident, certain of my view of the world and ready to share it.

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A Thousand Words With One Picture

That whole picture worth a thousand words thing?  Yeah.  It’s true.  Sure it’s a cliché, but so what.

When I take a photograph, I’m doing more than copying a scene, or a face, or a place.  I’m also capturing the feelings I’m experiencing.  Anyone else seeing the photo won’t get that part of it.  But for me, all the thoughts leading up to that click and whir, all the fun, or drama, or joy tied up in the photo is still right there.  Seeing the photo is like clicking a link in my head to all those memories.

So when you see the photo I’ve posted today, I know you’ll not appreciate it like I do.  It’s nothing stellar, but it’s a good shot that captured the essential items; sand, waves, sun, people, sky.

I could probably do a thousand words, but I won’t. Here’s just a few my heart and head have attached to this picture:

A. This was my third trip to California, ever, in my entire life. I’m a relative newbie to the whole beach thing.  I don’t get away too often, so I felt really blessed hanging out for a day there.

B. I discovered Boogie Boarding.  Holy Macaroni!!  When I finally caught that wave just right, the world changed.  The ocean became a friend, not a scary thing.  Granted it’s a wild, daring, crazy, slightly drunk friend who pushes you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.  I was instantly hooked.  Couldn’t get enough.  Exhausted to the point of silliness, I could hardly walk or hold on to the board.  But, I kept getting back in for one more wave, and then one more, and one more.  And a couple more.

C. Just before the sky started reaching orange, I saw a bird do a straight on dive into the water. There was no low swoop, or scoop, but a real nose dive.  And then there were more of them, doing their acrobatic Olympic dive thing with casual grace and easy finesse.  Lit up my laugh buttons.

D. I was with a group of good, sweet people who’ve had my back.  Felt lucky sharing the day with them.

Enough words.  Here’s the photo.

Sunset on Coronado Island, San Diego, California

Sunset on Coronado Island, San Diego, California

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