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It’s Probably for the Best

A little something for you to ponder.

Photo by Kettie Olsen

Photo by Kettie Olsen

“The most precipitous chapter of life always begins before we quite know it is under way.” ~ Ivan Doig, Worksong


(If you aren’t familiar with Ivan Doig’s writings, you’ll want to avail yourself of the privilege. He’s a master wordsmith able to leap large mountains with a single word.)

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Bridges on the Path

Another photo from a shared walk with my cousin last year.  A month later I actually crossed this bridge and took the less traveled rocky ledge of a path.  So glad I did.

bridge over Queen Creek“The most precipitous chapter of life always begins before we quite know it is under way.”

-Morrie Morgan, from Ivan Doig‘s “Work Song

Funny how life doesn’t give us any road signs, warnings, ominous theme music, or any other clues that some big change is waiting around the corner. Life is not like a movie at all. It’s simply putting one foot in front of the other, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

Sometimes we have a choice to take one path or another, never knowing the outcome of what the other path might have brought us to.  That’s all probably for the best.

I am glad my path has taken me here to where I am right now. What bridges lay ahead of me? Don’t think I want to know.  Whatever maps I might create or use to plan the road ahead will be rendered useless by life’s fickle sense of humor, fate’s sense of irony and God’s will for me.

I breath in. I breath out. I enjoy what I can and love as much as possible. I give my best.

I keep walking.

Enjoy your journey.

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Now That’s Surprising! It’s Gratituesday!


Folded Towels. (Photo credit: Greg Timm)

It’s Gratituesday!  Today I am thankful for surprises.

Some surprises are as simple as finding the dishwasher already emptied and ready for the next load, or a pile of laundry folded by someone other than myself. Receiving a real, handwritten letter or card in the mail brings pleasure that lasts. Volunteer flowers in my garden charm me; an unexpected hummingbird hovering a couple of feet away can change the tone of a day.  A repair costing much less than quoted or finding an item I need on sale, nice!  Hearing a honk and getting a wave as a friend drives by gets my giggle on. Something like finding some crinkly money in a jacket pocket from last year is rare, but so fun. And, what a smile I get when I find just the right amount of change in the car to splurge on a soda.Silly, huh?  Not really.  It’s those tiny thrills and small enchantments that add spice, flavor and joy to my life.

“Let’s try an Experiment,” I said to myself

A bunch of years ago, I started an experiment.  I started writing down a few things, every night before turning out the light, that made me smile, that blessed my life or that brought some happiness to the day.

Some days, many days at first, required some deep thinking to get even three items on the list.  Other days I couldn’t stop writing at just five or seven happy things.

What a difference it made for me.  I started looking during the day for those few things I could list in my notebook that evening.  I made a mental note of the rabbits in the field next to the stoplight.  I paid attention when my daughter hugged me extra tight.  I remembered when my son took the garbage out without being asked.

Here’s a sample list:

  • Clean Sheets.
  • The sound of the wind.
  • Hearing my children’s laughter.
  • A kiss.
  • Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies.
  • A cold glass of milk.
  • Time for reading.

Sure, some days I felt deflated and defeated.  On those days, defaulting to the basics was the best I could come up with; my health, my family, a place to live, adequate food.  Life hasn’t been all roses, not at all, just the opposite, in fact.  There’s some rough terrain out there if I look back at the path I’ve taken.

Most days, though, I made an effort to be grateful, to be aware, to let the little happinesses get through to me.  I slowed down just enough to be in the moment and take joy in it.  Then I’d make my list that night, short or long, without fail.

For me, writing down those happy things made an impact.  Writing made those blessings last, in my head, and on paper, tweaking something in me and shifting my thinking. Being grateful changed me for the better. What a nice surprise.

Am I ever thankful for that!


For ideas about starting your own Happy Book or Gratitude Journal click here.

Harvard Medical School published an article about the health benefits of gratitude.  Click here to read it.

A great recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie nirvana is waiting for you to click this. (You’re on your own with the cold glass of milk.  I prefer 1%, though an occasional, rare, splurge on whole milk is divine.)

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