A Gift Returned Too Early

Some people really are a gift to everyone in their life.  I had a friend who was that way.

He unexpectedly died on Christmas morning.

He’s one of those people who bring joy into a room with them.  The barometric pressure changes when he walks in, bringing sunshine and a sweet ocean breeze in his wake.

His smile sends so many messages at once.  It’s one of those genuine smiles that include the eyes, not one that can be faked.  It’s a smile that says, “I’m really, really glad to see you!” or “You’re awesome!” or “I’ve been up to something mischievous,” or “We’re in this thing together and we’re gonna kick it.”  It’s a smile that creates instant friends, that engenders trust and that opens tightly closed doors.

Calling him a Christian would be understating the matter.  He gives 100% to whatever or whomever he takes under his wing. He works hard, plays hard, prays hard, loves fuller, gives deeper, and shares wildly.  Generosity ought to be his middle name.

He doesn’t tolerate a mere handshake, but pulls a person in close for a hug, as if they’ve not seen each other for years. And that brief hug conveys vast amounts of love.  The ability to communicate caring so potently, to bring joy to others, to give unconditionally, are talents worthy of emulation.

The gift of a man like Sean is a precious, priceless commodity.  The world is poorer with his passing. There is now a gap to be filled that’s unfillable.

He is loved.  He is missed.

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6 thoughts on “A Gift Returned Too Early

  1. fransiweinstein

    Sounds like he has left an incredible legacy. And many, many wonderful memories. So he lives on.


  2. Anonymous

    Cant ‘t describe the loss i feel. He truly was an example of a Christ like man who walked the earth and touched lives for good. It’s no wonder he was called home. I know he will continue to bless and love all of us as he fulfills his calling on the other side of the veil. Till we meet at Jesus feet Sean.


  3. Janell DeWitt Whipple

    Perfectly stated! ❤


  4. Liz

    Beautiful, fitting tribute Kami.


  5. Anonymous

    This is so beautiful Kami. Thank you for sharing your gift of words by expressing so perfectly what so many feel.


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