Who me? Grouchy? Never!

So it’s finally happened. After nearly six full months of cheerfully (mostly) counting my blessings, I’ve hit a snag. I find myself being a bit irritable lately.

Nothing major, just a kind of pebble in my shoe sort of irritability. It’s a kind of “I can’t quite put it into words but the people I know and love are avoiding me when they see me coming” kind of grouchiness.


Grouchy (Photo credit: RachelEllen)

Like I said, it’s nothing serious.

But I am considering asking for advice. Not from a professional. Oh, no, certainly not. Thank you very much. No. I simply want common sense, unschooled by books, unsullied by research.

What do you do to keep from being sidetracked by the negative vibe from certain people?

How do you keep the swing out of your mood?

What helps you not scratch the itch of niggling pet peeves?

When the slurp at the bottom of the cup has finally become too much, what keeps you in your seat with your hands safely, serenely at your side?

Who in their right mind (cliché’, yes, I know, another irksome thing to my writerly self) but I digress. Who in their right mind doesn’t get aggravated at life occasionally. And if you are one of those calm, collected, peaceful souls, can you tell me your secret?

Angry Dog

(Photo credit: Revolt! Puppy)

Most people who know me think I am one of those calm, cool, collected, peaceful people. Boy, do I have them fooled. If they could see the real me, when the door closes, the windows shut, a fan runs to provide white noise; I look exactly the same. Mostly. Except for the little telltale signs of exhaustion around the eyes and a tendency to bite, snarl and snap at innocuous, normally wonderful things.

Yes, I need advice. And I need it now!!

Or not.

Counting to ten is itself an irritation, so please, no such suggestions on that score.

See, my moodiness is showing through already.

I should take a nap.

Or go to bed early, and then sleep in late.

Or go for a bike ride.

Or fly off in an airplane to go visit someone.

Or join a circus.

Or breath deeper.

Your suggestions are welcome, encouraged, needed, required, necessary.

Angry bear is angry

(Photo credit: garrettc)

It would be nice.

But I’ll be fine, eventually.

I’m fine. Really. Just a bit snappish.

And peevey.

But I’m fine.


Have a nice day!

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One thought on “Who me? Grouchy? Never!

  1. Becky Hansen

    I know I’m not calm cool collected. In fact I feel about the same way you do right now. Hereditary? Hmmm. Anyway, it helps me to have a time out. A quiet, peaceful place to meditate and definitely read. Usually the scriptures or a conference talk helps pull me out of my funk. The last talk by Sister Ann Dibbs: I’m a Mormon. I know it, I live it, I live it was especially helpful to me. Maybe you should try a girls night out with some friends. A movie, a craft night, or just some dinner and pleasant conversation.


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