I Have Never

Here’s a throwback to a year and a half ago. It still seems very relevant. Hope you enjoy it.

Kami's Beautiful Morning

Grand Canyon, Arizona. The canyon, created by ... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have never been to Disneyland, or Disneyworld.  I have been inside the Disney store at the mall.

I have never visited the Grand Canyon in the fifteen years we’ve lived in Arizona.  I saw it when I was thirteen and not yet afraid of heights.  I wrote poetry about it, even.

I have never jumped out of an airplane and never intend to.

I have never ridden in a hot air balloon.  Not so sure I want to do that. Although it looks peaceful, the height thing might get to me.

I have never traveled outside of the United States.  Unless you count British Columbia on a day trip.  I guess you could, it’s Canada, after all, right?  You’d think I’d have made it to Mexico by now, but haven’t had much reason, money or desire to do that.

I have never been overseas either.  That’d…

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2 thoughts on “I Have Never

  1. Oooh! Wonderful post! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so pleased to have stumbled across you in the blogosphere. Ditto your skiing v. Waterskiing… haha! I’m good at the former, RUBBISH at the latter. And I agree. What you have done far outweighs what you have not done. Beautiful post.


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